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I have no idea what number this is.

So I got called back to Italy to deal with some Family business, nothing too bad, I promise! But I'm a bit out of the loop, I'm afraid. I'll be catching a helicopter back out to the open seas in the morning, anyone mind sending me some coordinates?

Kyouya, Mukuro, Tsuna! I hope everything's well! You kept an eye on Enzio for me, right? How are Hibird feathers keeping? Still clean I hope?

Oh and Tsuna, I'm sorry I missed your birthday! I've been a terrible big brother, but don't worry, I have something for you when I get back! I hope you like it.

Eight? Yes, I think this is eight.

So my things have been rooted through and now even I can find some things that I was looking for. Which is mildly distressing, but all the same! As long as my paperwork--you know, the sorts dealing in accounting and finaces--are still where they should be, I suppose there's no harm. Which they are, by the way. Because Romario keeps an eye on them.

No, that does not mean that the strangely infamous "List" is in his hands as well. So don't bother, alright?

Otherwise, things are going swimmingly! Nice weather, nice company, nice waters! What more could one ask for? Except a pizzeria. Do you suppose there will be pizza at the baseball game?

Log post, again! Dino/Hibari

Dino grows a pair and survives the experience (yes, I'm as shocked as you are!). Dino and Hibari, early morning on the Vongola ship when all sane people are sleeping. Rated NC-17 for reasons beyond my knowledge and tradition, but probably more like PG-13. Enjoy, carry on, don't mind the fact that we are completely insane.

Dino is always the housewife in these things...Collapse )


Seven. Maybe.

1. The door is unlocked, I hope you're happy.
2. I never bricked it up either.
3. I'm not a pedophile.
4. There's a manatee that wants to be my best friend.
5. I think the pirate life is actually more insane than the mafia life.

Otherwise, I really have nothing to say!

And I'm definitely not doing that meme.


So I was minding my own business, still failing at learning that song when all of a sudden a genie (I think) came flying through the port hole, saying something about someone wishing for a ship of women, did a bit of something that looked a bit like hocus pocus or magic or possibly one of those odd fruit things and flew off through the rest of the ship.

.....Ah, Firo? I think you may have been overheard. Maybe. Because my voice definitely jumped a few octaves after that and clothing? Definitely doesn't fit right.

Suddenly having different proportions doesn't help my lack of grace either.

Everyone else okay?

Five! I think.

So hello! It dawned on me recently that there a lot of pirates out there I don't know terribly much about. So I decided I want to get to know you all better! I guess this is one of those "meme" things?

Tell me about yourself! Your ship, your crewmates, why you decided to be a pirate, I'd love to hear it! Maybe we can make a few alliances out of it, hm? Could be fun, right? Here, I'll start!

I'm Dino Cavallone of the Cavallone Famgilia (part of the Cosa Nostra, often known as the mafia, if you didn't know). I currently travel with three of my family members: Romario, Brego and Luca and the Vongola Tenth's fledgling family. It's nice to be able to keep an eye on my cute little brother and make sure he doesn't get into too much trouble! While treasure and increasing my family's financial standing is a good motivator, I mostly took to the seas after hearing that Tsuna was out here. I look forward to getting to know you all better!

In other news, I've just learned of the passing of Hihog, which is a sad thing indeed. Kyouya, I hope you don't mind my picking this up for you in port--


I know it's not the same, but I couldn't find a pet store.

LOG POST: Dino and Hibari

Dino and Hibari on the Vongolla Ship playing a game and doing a lot of other things that were entirely unplanned. Rated A for Awesome NC-17 for old time's sake and PG for probably actuality because I actually suck at rating all things ever.

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Monster Log of Epic

Those of us WOEFULLY NOT AT OTAKON (;___;) were bored and loney and thus, we bring you this log of epic awesome.

IT INCLUDES: Cookie dough, flour fights, terrible pick up lines, a lot of flirting, flying batter, ghosts, showers, mops and a much abused kitchen.

TAKING PART ARE: Dino, Nami and Mukuro.

TAKING PLACE IN: The Vongola Ship Kitchen. Mostly.

RATED: NC-17 for Epic. (PG-13 for Margie)

IS: A disaster not waiting to happen.

LENGTH: 466 tags, 6,228 words, 25 pages in MS Word. @_@

IS LOCATED:Here!Collapse )


Four? I think.

So. Sending a message in a bottle is a lot harder than it sounds. Police lied to us all.

And if I get eaten by a shark, I'm blaming you, Squalo. Whether it was your shark or not. I still think you should eat it.

Log Post Again

Most people sleep, we log. Nothing terribly interesting, just a conversation continued from Mukuro's post, because that happens when Mukuro clams up and REFUSES TO TALK.

And I broke Missa's brain for logging for the next three weeks, apparently~

Dino and Mukuro, doi. :D

Logging is greater than Sleeping!Collapse )